• guinnessBar

Guinness 'Guinnless' campaign, Allen Brady & Marsh 1983. The campaign was very successful in terms of sales (20% rise), but a little too 'spit and sawdust' for an institution and an iconic drink.

It was an honour to work on a product with the creative pedigree of Guinness, our brief, however, was to take it off it's pedestal and broaden it's market. I became involved in the campaign after the 'Guinnless' concept had been agreed on.

The first 48-sheet poster - and the first in the series, 'Bar' was shot by Martin Thompson. The "contentious" Lager was later replaced with a ludicrous cocktail, neatly filleting the idea.

The playing cards poster was shot by Robert Dowling, who also shot the calendar, which won us a D&AD award. This was before Photoshop, folks and the only retouching was to alter the colour of a box of chocolates! We even had to go all the way to the Bahamas (in December!), to shoot 'Bo and Sunny'. Poor Robert had to personally fly us all over the islands to find the locations.

What a blessing Photoshop is.

The fireworks poster was drawn by the wonderful Peter Till.